"Working with Zoe has helped me to realise that I can control my anxiety through a supportive approach on a 1:1 basis. I have found the sessions invaluable in teaching me the skills to control my anxiety. Without this I would have been in a darker place. Many thanks Zoe for all the support."


"There is so much I could say about my experience with EMDR, though I can't explain how amazing it felt to be liberated after a few sessions."


​"From the very first session with Zoe, I always felt comfortable and supported, and never judged. She has encouraged me to feel rather than supress my emotions which has very much helped me in my confidence and day-to-day feeling ok. The questions Zoe asked me were always helpful in getting me to understand my emotions and patterns & doing EMDR was also very helpful in confronting and comprehending my past experiences."


"I am very grateful for the time I spent working with Zoe Otter. She introduced me to EMDR therapy to help me work through life events that were causing me stress, anxiety, and feelings of depression. After regular therapy sessions and EMDR therapy, my anxiety levels are lower, I have techniques to stay calm in moments of stress, I feel more positive overall, and I have moved passed feelings of depression and become excited by my life again."


​​Zoe Otter

Registered & Chartered Psychologist

Psychologue (parlant anglais)

ADELI number: 759366875

SIREN: 835 215 138

​79, Avenue de Ségur, 75015 - Paris


​​​+33 (0)6 59 68 61 18